Sharing With the Heart

Approaching one’s life as an unfolding journey may take one far from ‘home’.

Krishna Kloers had the courage to follow her intuition and travel far from her native Germany. Her Reiki practice has deepened her intuition and given her courage to follow the guidance given. When Krishna heard the M Venkatarangaiya Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to abolishing child labour in India, needed teachers she volunteered to work in their bridge programme. This programme works to ‘bridge’ the gap between a child leaving child labor and going to school again. Thus Krishna began a month long adventure teaching English to children. When she sent pictures to accompany this article Krishna wrote, ‘I hope you find some pictures which illustrate the purpose of sharing with the heart.”

The picture chosen shows the children deeply engaged in learning. They are crowded around Krishna leaning into every word spoken. Look at the intimacy amongst them! It is as if everyone’s heart is beating as
one! Krishna adds her reflections. “The camp girls were curious for the teaching; they were curious to get to know things outside of their

radius. They had never been so close to a person who was not
Indian. Somehow it excited them: they were filled with childlike curiosity!”

The Indian people are filled with heart; they live close to their feelings and beliefs. They are so poor and yet so deeply grateful. Time flows differently there. When Krishna returned to Germany she missed the crowded streets, the chaos and the eagerness of daily life. She says with a smile, “I think my heart is Indian.”

Krishna believes that connection expands one’s ability to communicate heart to heart. She suggests others find something that speaks to their heart and do it. Make the world a better place. Follow your intuition. Let Reiki guide you. Perhaps your heart will find a new home.

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